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September 26, 20120 Comments

Growth thru LicensingExpect an increasing number of ‘Western’ brands to launch new products or even new brands dedicated  to consumers in emerging markets. After all, it’s where the money is right now, and Western brands are still favored over local ones, so the combination of perceived quality with a bit of local tailoring, love or exclusivity makes total sense.

This MADE FOR CHINA (IF NOT BRIC) phenomenon is just one of the many sub-trends spawned by the macro trend of economic and consumption power shifting towards emerging markets.

So who has already jumped on the MADE FOR CHINA band wagon? Check out the following examples:

  1. – Levi’s dENIZEN Jeans brand, targeting Asians/Chinese consumers with slimmer fits.
  2. – Dior‘s very expensive Shanghai Blue Phone, only available in Shanghai stores.
  3. – Hermès’ new Chinese brand, Shang Xia; its luxury stores sell ready-to-wear and decorative arts inspired by Chinese culture.
  4. – Chloé‘s limited edition Marcie handbag to celebrate their fifth anniversary in China.
  5. – BMW’s limited edition, orange metallic M3 Tigerto celebrate the 25th anniversary of its M3 model in China, which coincided with the Chinese lunar calendar (the year of the tiger).
  6. – Apple’s Shanghai store employees started wearing red t-shirts with the slogan ‘Designed in California, Made for China’ written in Mandarin. The message is a play on the words that are found on the back of all iPhones: ‘Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China’.


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