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Are You Using the Right Type of Licensing Agreement?

June 21, 20170 Comments

Just like in real estate, there are different types of licensing agreements for different types of intellectual property.  Use the right agreement and your partnership runs smoothly, but if you use the wrong one, you can wind up losing more than just your royalties. Licensing agreements create the partnership. It specifies how the partners get […]

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When He Becomes She – How Quick Action Captures A New Licensing Opportunity

June 17, 20150 Comments

Sometimes one “little” change can bring big licensing opportunities. Especially when it’s international news.How big will this licensing opportunity be is anyone’s guess. But keep in mind, the fast acting entrepreneurs who filed these applications literally created and acquired intellectual property rights overnight to what could become a valuable licensing opportunity. And it only cost them several hundred dollars.

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Why You Need a Licensing Action Plan to Make Money with Your IP

May 28, 20150 Comments

AT&T, IBM and HP have one. So does Starbucks and Disney. And they all generate millions of dollars with it.     A big roadblock for IP owners is taking the wrong actions. Many attempt to license their IP without a plan. The result is wasted time and money pursuing the wrong type of licensing […]

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