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Are You Facing a Lifetime of Royalties or Lost Income Opportunities?

April 26, 20170 Comments

Your intellectual property is a bundle of rights that can be licensed in many ways. Licensing your IP to several industries, or for different products, or to a single licensing partner are each different strategies. The right one will multiply your royalty revenues. But the wrong strategy locks up your IP and costs you more […]

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Are Your Licensing Deal Terms Slowly Getting Eaten Away?

March 22, 20170 Comments

Negotiating a licensing deal is sometimes the trickiest part. It’s a back and forth process of figuring out the best business terms for you and your licensing partner.  Most of the time, negotiations go smoothly.  But sometimes, it feels like your deal is getting eaten away. Just when you think you’ve finished negotiating the terms, […]

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Is Your Business Stuck in the “Make and Sell” Mentality?

March 8, 20170 Comments

You are in the knowledge management business.  No matter whether you make and sell products, services or technology, your core business is managing the intellectual assets used in creating, marketing and selling  your products, services or technologies. In the 21st century, the most successful companies are those effectively managing their knowledge in the form of […]

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How to Use a Licensing Partner to Build Your Licensing Program

February 1, 20170 Comments

This is part two of the three-part series on licensing strategies. Part one covered direct licensing and how to use it to license different markets, territories and applications of your intellectual property. Sub-licensing is a second strategy that leverages the resources of your licensing partner to help build your licensing program. It’s a good option […]

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Are You Putting All Your IP Eggs in One Basket?

January 18, 20170 Comments

Your intellectual property can be licensed in many ways, whether its generating revenues from different products, developing new applications, or building a bigger market opportunity. Each is a different strategy. The question is which one is right for your intellectual property? This is part one of a three-part article in which I’ll discuss three of […]

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