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Here’s What No One Tells You About Licensing

October 11, 20170 Comments

Licensing is not a legal process. Nor is it a legal agreement. While legal is an important part of licensing, it’s not what licensing is about. Licensing is a process for managing and making money with your intellectual property. Most often, it’s in the form of a licensing agreement with another company. It creates a […]

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How to Build a Bigger Market for Your IP Without Spending a Dime

September 13, 20170 Comments

Licensing builds a bigger money pie by tapping into partners who already have the production, distribution and marketing resources in place. They are established in the market and can add your IP to their revenue pie.

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How to Use Licensing to Partner for Resources

February 8, 20170 Comments

This is the third part of the series on licensing strategies. Part one covered direct licensing and part two discussed sub-licensing, and how to use them to build your licensing program. The third strategy is strategic alliances – combining resources. This is a good strategy for a startup or early stage company as a way […]

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How to Use Joint Ventures to License Your IP

April 11, 20160 Comments

Developing and making money with your IP doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You can use licensing to get the resources you need without the added cost through a joint venture. Some examples of how to use JV’s include joint development of a new technology or formula from scratch, or to make and […]

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Why You Need a Licensing Action Plan to Make Money with Your IP

May 28, 20150 Comments

AT&T, IBM and HP have one. So does Starbucks and Disney. And they all generate millions of dollars with it.     A big roadblock for IP owners is taking the wrong actions. Many attempt to license their IP without a plan. The result is wasted time and money pursuing the wrong type of licensing […]

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