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Are You Getting the Right Kind of Licensing Advice?

June 29, 20170 Comments

Are you grossly under-using or undervaluing the worth of your intellectual property in the market place? If so, it’s not surprising. Many IP owners I meet don’t understand how to make money with it. They either follow the outdated thinking of “I must start a business to make money with it”, or are simply following […]

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Sell, Make or License – Which is the Right Option for Your IP?

February 16, 20170 Comments

Making money with your IP means profiting from the value created by your IP.  Its value depends on many things and changes depending on what it does (disrupts an industry, improves production, new product innovation, etc.), how close it is to market ready, and how profitable it will be.  To tap this money-making opportunity, you […]

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Are You Putting All Your IP Eggs in One Basket?

January 18, 20170 Comments

Your intellectual property can be licensed in many ways, whether its generating revenues from different products, developing new applications, or building a bigger market opportunity. Each is a different strategy. The question is which one is right for your intellectual property? This is part one of a three-part article in which I’ll discuss three of […]

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Is Your Licensing Presentation Telling the Wrong Story?

August 1, 20160 Comments

You’ve only got one chance to make the right impression. Present the right story, and you’re potential licensing partner will be interested. Show them the wrong one, and they’ll walk away. The goal of your presentation is to get a “yes we’re interested” answer. Your presentation must be concise and tell the right story. To […]

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The Money Making Power of Licensing

March 23, 20160 Comments

There are two sides to intellectual property.   The better known side is the legal side which secures the legal rights to an intellectual property through registering a patent, trademark or copyright.  The money-making side of intellectual property is licensing. The purpose of licensing and intellectual property is to find, create and control money-making opportunities.  Finding […]

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