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Are You Facing a Lifetime of Royalties or Lost Income Opportunities?

April 26, 20170 Comments

Your intellectual property is a bundle of rights that can be licensed in many ways. Licensing your IP to several industries, or for different products, or to a single licensing partner are each different strategies. The right one will multiply your royalty revenues. But the wrong strategy locks up your IP and costs you more […]

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How to Avoid Desperation Licensing

August 8, 20160 Comments

Don’t’ let this happen to your start-up. You spend all your money on hiring the right people developing your IP, travel to meetings, investor presentations, legal fees, prototypes and marketing and other expenses that just pop-up. One day, you’re accountant tells you your current cash burn rate is only enough for six more months. You […]

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Are You Going Down the Wrong Path with Your IP?

March 5, 20160 Comments

Don’t wait until it’s too late before getting help with your IP strategy. When you do it yourself, it’s hard to recognize if you’re on the wrong path. By the time you do, the wrong IP strategy (or lack of strategy) costs you time, money and resources. Trying to license your IP without a plan […]

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Why You Need a Licensing Action Plan to Make Money with Your IP

May 28, 20150 Comments

AT&T, IBM and HP have one. So does Starbucks and Disney. And they all generate millions of dollars with it.     A big roadblock for IP owners is taking the wrong actions. Many attempt to license their IP without a plan. The result is wasted time and money pursuing the wrong type of licensing […]

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