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Are You Turning a Deaf Ear to Your Potential Licensing Partner?

April 19, 20170 Comments

One of the most important things you can do in licensing is listen to what a potential partner has to say about your intellectual property. Regardless of what type of IP you have – technology, character, software, formula or process – potential licensing partners will see it from a different perspective of how it can […]

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Are You Throwing Your IP Info Against the Wall to See What Sticks?

April 12, 20170 Comments

Don’t make the mistake of just randomly going out to the market and throwing information about your IP at a bunch of companies. That won’t work. Too many times I’ve met with IP owners doing just that, only to wind up back where they started – nothing to show for their efforts. Your IP is […]

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How to Use Online Media to Market Your Licensing Opportunity

April 25, 20160 Comments

Whether in the form of a webcast, podcast, or YouTube video, digital media offers a cost-effective and time-saving way of marketing your licensing opportunity. The key is figuring out which form or combination of video forms best suits your IP. Digital media helps bring your IP to life as opposed to a static page data […]

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