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Are You Turning a Deaf Ear to Your Potential Licensing Partner?

April 19, 20170 Comments

One of the most important things you can do in licensing is listen to what a potential partner has to say about your intellectual property. Regardless of what type of IP you have – technology, character, software, formula or process – potential licensing partners will see it from a different perspective of how it can […]

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Is Your Business Still Using a Go-It-Alone Strategy?

April 6, 20170 Comments

Competing in a fast-moving industry is challenging, especially if you’re up against bigger companies with lots of resources. Rather than going head to head, why not turn your competition into revenue generating partners. Recently a small technology company announced they were in the process of negotiating a number of licensing deals for their wireless charging […]

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Are You Pushing Away Potential Licensing Partners?

March 29, 20170 Comments

One of the biggest mistakes you can make licensing your IP is to continuously try to push it on a licensing partner. This ultimately results in pushing away your partner, especially if your IP doesn’t fit their business or their customers needs. The best way to market your IP is by promoting its value and […]

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How to Use a Licensing Partner to Build Your Licensing Program

February 1, 20170 Comments

This is part two of the three-part series on licensing strategies. Part one covered direct licensing and how to use it to license different markets, territories and applications of your intellectual property. Sub-licensing is a second strategy that leverages the resources of your licensing partner to help build your licensing program. It’s a good option […]

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Is Your Licensing Partner the Wrong Fit?

November 9, 20160 Comments

Don’t jump at the first licensing partner that comes along. Otherwise you may wind up with one who can’t deliver on their side of the licensing agreement. Finding out after you sign the agreement that your partner doesn’t have the money, manufacturing or distribution capabilities is too late. Now you’re stuck trying to find a […]

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