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How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a Big Company Who Sits on Your IP

May 17, 20170 Comments

What happens if a larger company licenses your intellectual property and then sits on in it? Is it a deliberate strategy to keep it off the market, or they just slow-moving and haven’t decided what to do with the IP? Sometimes it’s a combination of both, and in other situations it’s a deliberate strategy. While […]

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Licensing Characters for Fortune over Fame

July 5, 20160 Comments

If you manufacture products for kids and young adults,  you should consider licensing a cartoon character to use on your products.  Among the benefits of licensing a character  is a much higher volume of sales as opposed to having no character licensing in place. A suitable-looking character used on the right merchandise will often boost the aesthetics of the […]

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Not Taking Action is Costing You Money

May 6, 20140 Comments

Your IP is an income producing asset – that costs you money if you don’t take action. Your intellectual property can only succeed if you take action….the right kind of action. Every day, inventors, writers, trainers, consultants and speakers just like you are making millions of dollars with their intellectual property. The only difference between them and you are the skills to transform your IP into income producing licensing deals.

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Making a Big Impression for Little Cost

April 28, 20140 Comments

Guerrilla Licensing Part 7 If you want to make the big licensing deals, there is not better way than to showcase your IP at a big trade show.  In this final part, you’ll learn why trade shows are one of the fastest ways to find and meet potential IP partners. Learn how you can showcase […]

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Let Your Customers Sell Your Licensing Opportunity

April 22, 20140 Comments

Guerrilla Licensing Part 6 Nothing makes your intellectual property more attractive to licensing partners than customers who are buying/using the IP.  In this segment, you’ll learn why your customers are one of the best sources for creating licensing deals for your IP. Find out why giving away your IP can be one of the most […]

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