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How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a Big Company Who Sits on Your IP

May 17, 20170 Comments

What happens if a larger company licenses your intellectual property and then sits on in it? Is it a deliberate strategy to keep it off the market, or they just slow-moving and haven’t decided what to do with the IP? Sometimes it’s a combination of both, and in other situations it’s a deliberate strategy. While […]

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Not Taking Action is Costing You Money

May 6, 20140 Comments

Your IP is an income producing asset – that costs you money if you don’t take action. Your intellectual property can only succeed if you take action….the right kind of action. Every day, inventors, writers, trainers, consultants and speakers just like you are making millions of dollars with their intellectual property. The only difference between them and you are the skills to transform your IP into income producing licensing deals.

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Available for Licensing: Creating an IP Licensing Profile

July 29, 20130 Comments

  Are you ready to begin licensing your IP? If so, you should have a concise IP Profile that provides all the key details about your intellectual property and the licensing opportunity.  The key word is concise.  Think of it like a resume.   The IP profile is an introduction to potential licensees, and they do […]

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The Licensing Commercialization Team – Connecting the Expertise & Knowledge

June 9, 20130 Comments

There are plenty of opportunities in today’s market and they are constantly evolving – whether it’s in niche markets, new ways of distribution, or a shifting retail environment.   Licensing is the tool that connects the IP with the expertise and knowledge to take advantage of these markets and money-making opportunities. Licensing creates teams of professionals […]

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Licensing Intellectual Properties Creates Money-Making Opportunities

May 22, 20130 Comments

  Licensing intellectual property (IP)  is one of the fastest ways to reach the commercial market. It’s considerably faster than starting and building a new business which typically takes about 18 months to 2 years. Licensing an intellectual property can be done in a much shorter time frame, often just a few months instead of […]

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