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Is Your Intellectual Property Losing Value?

May 10, 20170 Comments

If you don’t use it, you lose it.  When it comes to intellectual property, its value is lost if it’s not commercialized. IP loses value in several ways. Patents lose value as the get closer to the end of their protection. Trademarks lose value if someone uses it without your permission. And all IP loses […]

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Is Your IP Missing its Window of Opportunity? (Video)

December 21, 20160 Comments

Knowing when to license your intellectual property makes the difference between signing a big deal or floundering in the market. Do you have a new patented technology but haven’t quite figured out how to bring it to market? Have you written a new kids book that’s been published and has a great following and now […]

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Is Your Licensing Partner the Wrong Fit?

November 9, 20160 Comments

Don’t jump at the first licensing partner that comes along. Otherwise you may wind up with one who can’t deliver on their side of the licensing agreement. Finding out after you sign the agreement that your partner doesn’t have the money, manufacturing or distribution capabilities is too late. Now you’re stuck trying to find a […]

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Is Your Thinking Limiting Your Licensing Opportunities?

November 2, 20160 Comments

One of the biggest obstacles to making money with intellectual property is the way you think about it. Most people fail to “see” IP. They “think” of it as tangible products or services. Intellectual Property is part of your everyday life. It is in nearly everything you do at home, school or work. If you […]

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Getting Past the No Money Syndrome

March 31, 20150 Comments

Money is often perceived as a big challenge to making money with IP. Most IP owners assume they need to money to finish developing their IP, get the rights registered or get it into the marketplace. The problem is the way you think about your IP. Your caught in the traditional linear “I must raise […]

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