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Here’s What No One Tells You About Licensing

October 11, 20170 Comments

Licensing is not a legal process. Nor is it a legal agreement. While legal is an important part of licensing, it’s not what licensing is about. Licensing is a process for managing and making money with your intellectual property. Most often, it’s in the form of a licensing agreement with another company. It creates a […]

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The 3 Fundamentals That Everyone Always Forgets About Licensing

October 9, 20170 Comments

Like any skill or profession, success in licensing is built upon certain fundamentals. Get them right, and your licensing activities will be successful. But if you overlook them, you wind up frustrated, trying to figure out why you’re getting nowhere with your licensing program. While there are many parts to the licensing process, today I’m […]

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Are You Putting Your Intellectual Property at Risk?

October 4, 20170 Comments

Your intellectual property is a valuable asset and failing to protect it puts your IP at risk. Regardless of what type of IP you own, it’s an asset that over time can become very valuable. Success with your IP is dependent upon your ability to manage and protect it.

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If You’re Not Getting the Word Out, How Will You Find Licensing Partners?

September 6, 20170 Comments

A big part of finding licensees is getting the word out about your intellectual property. One of the fastest ways to get the word out is through on-line PR distribution sites. It’s an easy no and low-cost strategy you can start using now.

Keep in mind, it’s not always the best IP that gets the most licensees…it’s the best promoted. You have to reach out if you want to connect with licensing partners.

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Why Video is One of the Best Tools to Promote Your Licensing Opportunity

August 30, 20170 Comments

Most people have a lot on their plates and just don’t have the time to read all the information they get. And you don’t have the time to meet with every potential licensing partner in person. Creating a video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to present your licensing opportunity. You […]

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