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A Low Cost Way to Build Your Startup through Licensing

June 1, 20170 Comments

Licensing is one of the fastest ways to build your start-up. When you license a market ready intellectual property, you’ve got an asset that builds immediate value to your start-up. The one thing you don’t want to do is approach them with a start-up mentality. That means being ready to show them how your start-up […]

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Are Your Licensing Deal Terms Slowly Getting Eaten Away?

March 22, 20170 Comments

Negotiating a licensing deal is sometimes the trickiest part. It’s a back and forth process of figuring out the best business terms for you and your licensing partner.  Most of the time, negotiations go smoothly.  But sometimes, it feels like your deal is getting eaten away. Just when you think you’ve finished negotiating the terms, […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Licensing Information Overload

December 7, 20160 Comments

Don’t let this happen to you. You’ve pitched your licensing opportunity to a company and they respond requesting more information. Your first impulse is to send them lots of information such as a Power Point presentation, all the research, and even some videos. After sending the information, you don’t hear from them for a week […]

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3 Steps to Help You Avoid the Licensing Runaround

September 12, 20160 Comments

You’ve been pitching your IP to a large company who seems interested. You’ve spent months going back and forth in discussions, presentations, and demonstrations. Each time they tell you they’re very interested and will get back to you after speaking with someone else in the company. Months go by and you don’t hear from them. […]

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Is Your Royalty Rate Losing You Money?

August 29, 20160 Comments

Royalty rates vary depending on the intellectual property and industry. How the royalty rate is determined most often comes down to negotiating a royalty payment that works for both parties. Sometimes a low royalty is required because of slim profit margins, the IP is unproven, or the market is unknown. But what happens if your […]

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