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Are You Using the Right Type of Licensing Agreement?

June 21, 20170 Comments

Just like in real estate, there are different types of licensing agreements for different types of intellectual property.  Use the right agreement and your partnership runs smoothly, but if you use the wrong one, you can wind up losing more than just your royalties. Licensing agreements create the partnership. It specifies how the partners get […]

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Is Your Licensing Agreement Riddled with Holes?

March 15, 20170 Comments

Taking short cuts to get a deal completed is tempting, but the easy way often leaves agreements riddled with holes that later result in disagreements, wasted time and effort, and ultimately a damaged relationship with your licensing partner. Your licensing agreement is a contract between you and your partner on what you agree to do […]

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How to Negotiate a Licensing Deal the Right Way (Webinar)

June 6, 20160 Comments

You don’t get the licensing deal you deserve, you get the licensing deal you negotiate. Negotiating is about coming to an agreement for a long-term relationship with your licensing partners. The goal is to make it a win-win for both of you. You and your licensing partner should feel the negotiation is a win-win situation […]

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Cross Licensing: How to Build a Bigger Pie and Avoid Legal Disputes

May 7, 20150 Comments

Cross-licensing is an agreement between two or more intellectual property owners where each one grants the other rights to their intellectual property. Usually the IP that each party owns covers different aspects of a product or technology. Cross licensing is a strategy that’s used to settle patent disputes and for developing new relationships and partnerships.

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Video Licensing Lesson: A Quick Intro to Licensing Agreements

April 7, 20150 Comments

There are many ways to structure a licensing agreement.  During this short video, you’ll learn about some of the flexible ways of creating licensing agreements. They can include terms for product development, increasing and decreasing royalty rates, and different performance benchmarks. The goal is to create an agreement that works for both the IP owner […]

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