Special Report – 5 Ways to License Your Intellectual Property

There are many ways to licensing your intellectual property. The key is knowing which way is the right way. Do it right, and your IP turns into money-making products or services. Get it wrong, and you wind up missing income opportunities.

Keep in mind licensing is a flexible strategy and you can use it to license your IP in different ways.  You can start with one strategy to build the market, a second strategy to reach new customers, and a third strategy to go international.  The key is know the different types of licensing strategies and when to use them to make the most money with your IP.

Get this quick strategy guide on 5 ways to license your intellectual property.

Here’s what’s in the free special report:

  • General Approach
  • Segment Specific
  • Joint Ventures
  • License Directly
  • Sublicensing

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