Special Report – 5 No Cost & Low Cost Ways to Promote Your IP License

If you don’t do anything to promote your IP, how will you find someone to license it?

How to IP owners and potential licensing partners find each other? Getting your first licensing partner is often the most challenging. Sometime it begins when a potential licensee approaches you. Most often, it starts with promoting your licensing opportunity.

But marketing your licensing opportunity doesn’t have to take lots of money and time. The trick is to use the right marketing tools to make it easier for licensing partners to find you.  Most often, it’s through networking and word-of-mouth.  But there are other ways to promote your IP license for little or no-money.

In this special eBook report, you’ll learn about five no-cost and low-cost strategies to promote your IP licensing opportunity and turn it into money-making deals.

Here is what you’ll learn about:

  1. How to create Your Licensing Opportunity “Buzz” using free PR
  2. How to Build a Social Media Licensing Site
  3. Two ways to create a demo video that excites potential licensing partners
  4. How to let your customers sell your licensing opportunity
  5. How to make a big impression for a small budget at Tradeshows

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