Special Report – 4 Secrets for Finding Good IP

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of every successful start-up.

A recent study by MIT (http://news.mit.edu/) on the characteristics of successful startups found startups with IP are more successful than those without IP. In particular, it noted that the success of startups wits trademarks are five times higher and those with patents is 35 times higher.

But what do you do if you don’t have any IP?  Today, there are more opportunities to license IP than at any time prior. And in some cases, licensing the right IP can literally catapult your revenues into the millions of dollars…sometimes in just a matter of months.

Growing your startup doesn’t mean spending lots of time and money trying to launch and sell new or unknown products or services. In today’s IP rich market, licensing is a lucrative strategy that can literally catapult your startup into the marketplace with a market ready IP.

But success in licensing requires taking action and making it part of your daily business activities. Inside this Special Report, you’ll find out the exact steps and actions you must take to find the right type of IP.

Remember,the best licensing opportunities go to those startups that make licensing a part of their short and long-term business strategy.



Today’s fastest growing companies are companies built on intellectual property. The sheer diversity of IP can make it challenging to find the right type of IP for your business. IP is valuable it solves a specific problem, fills a big need, or creates a new marketplace. The value of a good IP for your business goes up exponentially if it prevents competitors from competing against you.

Here’s what you find inside this Special Report:

  • Why Finding Good IP is Challenging
  • Four Steps to Finding a Good IP
  • Characteristics of the IP – What to Look For
  • Sources – Where to Look
  • Search Strategies – How to Look
  • How to Know if You Found the Right IP
  • 3 Attributes of a Good Trademark or Brand
  • 7 Questions to Answer about a Patent
  • 5 Questions to Consider about a Copyright
  • Why The Right IP Can Payoff in Big Ways

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