Do You Know The Licensing Fundamentals?
Master The Basics of Licensing and
Jump Start Your Royalty Income Generation…

“Master the fundamentals until they’ve become second nature”

Have you ever heard that saying?

The same principle applies to intellectual property and licensing as well. You must start with a solid basic foundation and understanding of what you’ll be doing and how you’ll do it right.

A single error in judgment throws off the entire system of actions you’re taking and delays the progress of your licensing deals.

Master the fundamentals and you can become a master.

If you’re operating on incorrect assumptions about licensing and don’t know it, you can never be sure you’ll reach your goals especially if you haven’t removed any and all potential obstacles?

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m worth even spending any time listening to.

A Career In Licensing…

For over 25 years my career included executive positions at Saban Entertainment and Warner Bros Consumer Products, where I licensed some of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster properties of their time, including the Batman and Batman II movies (which generated over $500 million in box office revenues) and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show (a worldwide licensing phenomenon that single-handedly grossed over $3 billion in worldwide retail merchandise sales), and two Power Rangers Movies (produced in conjunction with 20th Century Fox Film Corp.) both of which combined generated billions of dollars in worldwide merchandise sales across a variety of product categories including toys, apparel, food and beverages.

I’ve also developed licensing and promotional deals with Fortune 1000 companies including Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats, Hasbro, Mattel, Random House, Harper Collins, Pillsbury, Topps, Sara Lee/Hanes and others.

10 years ago I founded the Licensing Consulting Group, an intellectual property management and licensing company specializing in helping intellectual property owners, businesses and start-ups find, organize, manage, commercialize and make the most of their intellectual property assets.

My main business is licensing. That’s what I do on a day-to-day basis.

Here are just some of my recent intellectual property licensing assignments:

That should be a clear indicator that everything you’ll learn is exactly everything I do with my most valued clients to get them earning money from their intellectual property.

I’m a professional recognized speaker on the subject of intellectual property and licensing and been a featured speaker at investor conferences, entrepreneur organizations, inventors clubs, trade associations, start-up incubators and educational institutions such as the San Diego Investment Conference, MedTech Monday Conference, University of Irvine Business School, Westlaw Legal Center (NYC), National Speakers Association, Orange County Business Expo Center, the ICFO Investment Conference and the Hong Kong FilmArt Expo.

My articles on licensing intellectual property have appeared in Licensing JournalIntellectual Property Magazine, and License India:

Is That Good Enough For You?

The reason I’ve told you about my career experiences is so that you know you’re not wasting your time absorbing information from an unqualified, inexperienced, or incompetent “licensing expert”.

I’m sure you’ve encountered your fair share of licensing “experts” who claim to have all the answers to your questions but don’t have a lick of real world, battle-tested and proven experience when it comes to making money and generating revenue by licensing intellectual property.

For the same reasons that you would unquestionably rely on legal experts, accounting experts or any other experts, you need a licensing expert on your side. There’s so much junk information out there on licensing and making money.

So if you’re going to learn from anyone, at least learn from a credible and reliable source with tons of experience in the trenches.  You can shorten your learning curve dramatically and avoid the costliest mistakes to make your licensing journey more valuable, profitable and enjoyable.

Here’s what some people have said
about the real benefits of getting expert advice:

I just watched Rand’s presentation on licensing and what I’ve learned from this… I’ve done several licensing training’s in the past. What I’ve got here has been by far, the most valuable training that I’ve received and the program that he has offered tonight has been exceptional. So I would say to anyone looking to get into licensing, this is an excellent starting point.Sean H.
I just got done listening to Rand’s amazing presentation and I learned so much. I knew a bit about licensing because I work in an entertainment business. I deal with contracts, and I work with actor’s deals. In this capacity, it got my brain thinking about all the other ways so that I can give to my clients some more benefits from good ideas about licensing deals with the entertainment industry. It’s such a deeper level, so I’m really looking forward in learning more about it. Thanks to Rand, I’m now inspired.Briana
Rand is incredible with entrepreneurs. I have watched Rand take an at-home artist in “chachkas” to soaring aspirations and a real business plan through licensing.C. Bronson, Principal, True North, CA
I just got my first check in the mail! Thank you Rand for helping me get what I needed to make sure my contracts cover my best interest. I look forward to recommending your consulting to whomever I come across that is interested in licensing.Lori
What I found useful about the knowledge he gave me was that anybody can do it. He has done it, has a proven track record, and he gives us the tools to do it (licensing). It’s just amazing, so I truly suggest that anybody get a chance to meet, talk, or attend the seminar to do so.Bill N.
Hi Rand, per our last coaching session, you told us if this event goes well, our brand will take off…well its’ been less than two weeks and you were right… licensing opportunities are moving quickly. Over a month ago, we struck the first licensing deal in the events category (Halloween party). As a result of that event, our first licensee is prepared to sign a multi-year renewal deal for future events. The partnering venue also believes our brand has tremendous growth potential and considers it the “Next Big Thing in Southern California Nightlife”. We were also approached …by a major entertainment promotions group about (licensing) our brand name for an entertainment infused restaurant concept across the country…. We would like to schedule a time for our next coaching session to speak about these details. All the best. Ryan & RJ
Dear Rand, I promised to keep you updated, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I cannot thank you enough, because the coaching session we had a few months ago was very impactful and it set me off in the right direction using the ideas and concepts from your study courses. I was able to get a major entertainment management company in California interested and on board with my branded entertainment idea. Thank you kindly. Mitch

That’s Why I Created

Your Hidden Treasure 

As a subscriber, you’ll know that I barely publicize my products. Recently, while reviewing my product inventory, I realized how many unreleased training products I had and what a great disservice this is to you.  Especially considering the value I can provide to you in sharing with you the information in these previously unreleased training products. That’s good news for you because these unreleased training programs will help you uncover and profit from your own intellectual property.

Introducing The Brand New,
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To kick it off, I’m releasing “The Licensing Jump Start” 3-part licensing video training. In it, you’ll get a firm grounding on what licensing is and what to expect, so you can eliminate any unrealistic expectations from your plans and have a solid base to start from. It’s critical that you understand the relationship between licensing and generating income in the form of royalties.


Each part contains valuable insights that you cannot afford to assume you’ll do fine without. One small error in judgement can cost you more than you think.

“The Licensing Jump Start – Part One”

In the first part of this video training, you’ll gain insight into:


“The Licensing Jump Start – Part 2”

In the second part of this video training, you’ll learn:


“The Licensing Jump Start – Part 3”

In the third part of this video training, you’ll discover:

And that’s not all. Also included are these golden nuggets sprinkled in the training:

This program will give you rock-solid understanding of using licensing as the vehicle to generating royalty income. These are the basics of IP that you must internalize. With this understanding you can turn your IP into income producing assets with licensing.


But Wait, There’s More. You Also Get
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Free Bonus #1 – Licensing Compass – 20 Minute Mini-Coaching Session ($150 Value)

Even with all the information, you need to talk to an objective expert about where you are and where you want to go. This 20-minute one-on-one telephone coaching session is designed to help you re-orient and get your licensing actions going in the right direction. If that alone is worth the investment to you, then place your order today.

Free Bonus #2 – How To Survive Your First Licensing Deal
Video Training & PDF Transcript ($99 Value)


This video training covers the 5 most common basic mistakes that can ruin first time licensing deals and how you can easily avoid them. These are the mistakes that cost you time, money and if you’re not careful, possibly even rights to your intellectual property.

Free Bonus #3 – 5 Ways To License IP PDF Special Report – ($29 Value)

This special report shows you the general and specific strategies you can use today to get a jump start on licensing your intellectual property. There are many ways to license your IP. Your ability to make money with your IP is limited only by the ways you license it. The question is which one is right for your IP? Can you license it in more than one way? Failing to use the best strategies for licensing your IP can cost you money in lost income opportunities, new uses or applications, or expansion into new markets.


This Entire Package Is Worth
4x More Than Your Investment.

Let’s just recap what you get in this package…

You get everything below as part of this special offer and after this closes, it will no longer be available.

                                              Total Package      Value 
 “The Licensing Jump Start”

The Licensing Jump Start is a 1hr30min downloadable, 3-part video training. It includes MP3’s you can listen to in your car, on the phone, or anywhere on the go. It also includes reference notes so you can follow along and take notes on each part of the training.

Free Bonus #1 – Licensing Compass – 20-Minute Mini-Coaching Session

This 20-minute session one-on-one telephone coaching session is designed to help you re-orient and get your licensing actions going in the right direction. The trick of succeeding in licensing is to “ride the expert express” thereby avoiding the pitfalls a professional will steer you around.

Free Bonus #2 – How To Survive Your First Licensing Deal (Video Training)

This video training covers the 5 most common basic mistakes that can ruin first time licensing deals and how you can easily avoid them.

Free Bonus #3 – 5 Ways to License IP (PDF Special Report)

This special report shows you the general and specific strategies you can use today to get a jump start on licensing your intellectual property.

                                                                                   Total Value =       $477


So How Much Is All This Going To Cost?

If you were to pay full retail for everything in this package for “The Licensing Jump Start”, you would have to pay $477.00

It would still be a huge bargain at that price considering that you’re getting over 25 years of my inside knowledge and experience from doing millions of dollars worth of licensing deals – condensed into the basics you must know and master.

Even at the price of $477.00, this is still a steal of a deal just because of the bonuses.

Why You’re Getting A Special Deal

“The Licensing Jump Start” stand-alone training sells for $199 – without the bonuses.

But with the bonuses, the entire package is valued at $477.00. However, I’ve decided make this entire package available at a rock-bottom discount for a limited time including the bonuses.

The reason I’m doing this is because I want to make it a complete no-brainer for you to get this training, gain a better understanding of how licensing works, and give you the basics and the confidence to jump start your licensing activities.

Once this deal is over, this special page disappears and simply won’t be seen again for at least another year. Maybe never, since I’m taking things in a new direction. But, I’d like to make sure you at least get the chance to get this while it’s available since it may never come back.

                                   No Risk Offer

“The Licensing Jump Start” is an investment in ensuring you make the correct connections between licensing and generating income. This understanding is critical to your mastery of the basics. The basics help you recognize and take advantage of them, otherwise you risk missing them altogether. With the right understanding, you’ll be able to spot opportunities that will pay back your investment many times over.

Please keep the following in mind:

If you hesitate to invest in your future, you may never make the decision. You may lose this chance to get access to this information at the lowest price it’s ever been publicly offered.

When the deadline is over, that’s it. I’ll remove the offer. By now you should know if this is right for you or not.

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