Sports Brands Licensing Opportunity Report

Sports brand licensing is a $20 billion global industry. This report will give you insight on the different opportunities sports brands offer to reach the lucrative market of sports fans on a local, national and global basis.

Learn about the sports licensing business in this 30 minute audio presentation. It provides an overview of the sports brand licensing business, top product categories, the different types of sports brands, niche opportunities and spotting the key trends, giving you the inside information you need to get into the sports licensing game.


Here’s what you’ll learn about during this audio presentation:

  • The top sports brand licensed product categories
  • How to decide which products are best for your licensing goals
  • The difference between licensing a sports league brand and a sporting goods brand
  • How to use a sports license to expand your distribution into new markets
  • Understanding the difference between evergreen vs event-driven licensing opportunities
  • Where to find the hidden niche licensing opportunities inside the big sports brands
  • How to find big sports brand licensing opportunities for the small business
  • How to get a big sports brand without the big licensing price
  • How to use a new invention to get a sports brand license
  • How to spot new sports trends and use licensing to capitalize on them
  • How to turn a short-term sports event into a long-term licensing opportunity

Price: $99.00

Includes book with audio presentation transcription.









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