Accelerate Your Results and Avoid the Mistakes

Often the real roadblock to making money with your IP is the time and money it takes you to figure out what to do and how to do it.  Licensing Coaching is the fastest way to get your IP into the licensing game, while avoiding the costly mistakes that can block your path to success.

Licensing Coaching helps you advance your IP Licensing to the next level —with any type of IP and at any stage of your IP development – whether it’s just an idea or already in the marketplace.

Is Licensing Coaching Worth the Price?

If you’re wondering if Licensing Coaching is worth the price, consider the cost of not doing anything with your IP.  How much time and money have you invested in your intellectual property?

  • If it’s a patent, you’ve invested thousands of dollars and possibly more. The clock is ticking – your patent is losing “time” value each year you do nothing. But that’s not the only cost. What happens if someone discovers you’re not doing anything with it (because your patent is public information), and uses it without your permission? Or another company decides to patent around it? By that time, it’s too late and your licensing options will quickly disappear, or worse, you’re potentially facing costly legal action.
  • If you’re a brand owner, you’re probably investing (or will be investing) tens of thousands of dollars or more in creating customer recognition, selling products (or services), and building the goodwill “value”. Registering your trademark is the only way you can “own the mark”.  But registering your brand in many categories is costly, and you’ve only got one year to use it or lose it. What happens if someone starts using your brand in a new product category? By that time, it’s too late and you’ve lost the right to register it in that category as well as your income producing licensing opportunities.
  • If you’ve created a book, software, entertainment or music, you’ve invested a huge amount of time and money developing it.  While a copyright is automatic when you create it, even if you register it, that doesn’t mean it’s secure.  What happens if you’re not doing anything with your copyright and find out someone is using and selling it without your permission?  If that happens, trying to enforce your rights is costly, and trying to license your copyright is, well, quite a different story.

Your IP is a Valuable Investment

Don’t let its money-making opportunities slip away through inaction, fear, a lack of knowledge or simply an unwillingness to invest the time and money.  Licensing is the process that gets you a return on your IP investment.  Just like working with a Wealth Advisor or Certified Financial Planner to get sound investment advice, you need the right “IP Investment Advisor” to help you manage and make money with your intellectual property.  That’s the value of the Licensing Coaching program. It’s the professional advice, resources and tools you need to get the greatest return on the investment you’ve made in your intellectual property.

Licensing Coaching is for action takers.  If that’s you, then simply email me at and I’ll get back to you about your coaching options.

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