About the IP Licensing Coach Training Program

During this ten week intensive training program, you’ll learn how to strategically manage and license all types of  intellectual property (IP). Each course is taught and facilitated by Rand Brenner.  Special guest speakers will also present on the subjects of IP law, contract management, IP valuation, quality control, royalty compliance and audits.

The IP Licensing Coach program is offered two times a year. It includes a weekly live interactive class session, special guest teachers, and online e-learning courses.  When you finish the training program, you will receive a certificate of completion and one year membership in the IP Licensing Coach Academy (see membership details).

Courses include:

  • Introduction to IP
  • Basics of IP Commercialization Process
  • Marketing & Licensing Sales
  • Negotiating Deal Terms
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Licensing Fees & Royalty Rates
  • Managing Risks
  • Compliance Management
  • Working as a Licensing Coach
  • The Licensing Game


 On-Going Coaching Member Support

Upon completing the IP Licensing Coach Program, you’ll get ongoing support and resources to help you manage and maximize the money-making value of your clients IP assets:

  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Private Coaching Members Forum
  • Licensing Coach Membership Directory
  • Licensing Deal Review
  • Licensing Coach Website Resources
  • Licensing Coach Deal Makes Event


Why You Should Attend

You’ll gain a working knowledge of licensing from both the business and legal perspective.  Most importantly, you’ll master the real world skills for helping your client to make the most of their IP assets.  Whether it is analysis or implementation, managing the entire licensing process or helping clients find and protect their intellectual property, you’ll be a trained licensing professional with the know-how and resources to consult, advise and guide your clients on effectively managing and monetizing their IP assets.

The IP Licensing Coach training program will give you:

  • The knowledge to carry out the licensing process;
  • The financial models to maximize licensing revenues;
  • The street-smarts to avoid the pitfalls that lead to lost opportunities, failed licensing deals and huge financial losses.

You’ll acquire the comprehensive insight and objectivity needed to make sure that your IP management and licensing strategies are truly the best for a client’s specific IP licensing needs.

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