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 IP Licensing Advisor is the Next Big Industry


The IP Licensing Advisor will play a big part in the biggest wealth creating opportunity of the 21st century – intellectual property. View any news service around the world and you’ll find articles about IP every day. The next big shift in wealth accumulation is underway. Wealth creation is shifting from the tangible economy (i.e plants and equipment) to the intangible economy of intellectual property. Like the shift that occurred in the Industrial Revolution, those with the new skill of making money with IP will be the greatest wealth builders.

Today the most successful businesses use an intellectual property licensing model. A business is more than just the products or services it sells. Recent research revealed that the most valuable assets of every business today are its intangible assets, primarily in the form of intellectual property. By leveraging these intangible assets strategically and effectively, a smart business can increase its value, and generate more revenue for little or no other cost.

Every business today must focus on developing an IP strategy to maximize both its IP revenues and business value. But the problem is most business owners don’t know how to make money with their intellectual property. For many businesses, it’s a question of what they’ve been taught and “the way it’s always been done.” And still others just keep on doing things the same old way because it’s easier. Imagine what happens with professional Licensing Coach guidance, advice and expertise to steer their IP in new directions–and drive wealth creating opportunities?

Now is the perfect time to become an IP Licensing Advisor

Intellectual property now accounts for some one-third of the market value of all U.S. stocks—$5 trillion to $5.5 trillion. That total is equal to 45 percent of America’s GDP and greater than the GDP of any other economy in the world. The entire U.S. economy relies on some form of intellectual property, because almost every industry either produces or uses it, according to the 2012 report from the US Patent and Trademark office.

BUT, US companies annually waste $1 trillion in underused intellectual property assets according to a report by Forrester Research. The biggest reason for this waste is the lack of understanding by business owners and CEOs of how to manage and make money with these IP assets.

IP-based businesses and industries will be the fastest growing over the next decade. Statistically, an IP-based business has almost double the chance for succeeding compared to a non IP business. It makes perfect sense because all they have to do is follow a system and a process that has already been tested and proven. That system is LICENSING.

IP Licensing Coaches help inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners unlock the money-making power of their intellectual property. The professionals attracted to this industry are people who like a lot of variety, are looking for the next big opportunity, want to do something they can feel proud of and have already experienced significant success in business. It allows them to use their success and experience in working with clients to leverage the full value of their IP assets.

Join with the IP Licensing Advisor Training Program if:

  • You want to align yourself with the biggest money-making opportunity of the 21st century.
  • You want to learn the most important money-making skill set for the new economy.
  • You want to advise and help successful business and entrepreneurs transform their IP into money-making products and services.
  • You want a business you can work from anywhere, with no overhead, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to make an unlimited income.

IP Licensing Advisors are a new professional changing the way business owners, entrepreneurs, and IP owners look at the world of intellectual property. They help IP owners build their IP value and create money-making licensing deals. They help IP buyers become more educated about finding and using intellectual property that matches their ultimate goals. Most important, the IP Licensing Coach becomes a vital part of an entrepreneur’s team.

IP Licensing Advisors are the deal maker catalyst that helps create success and opportunity in the 21st century economy of knowledge.


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