Emerging Markets and Social Media – A Fast Track to Building a Character Brand

October 3, 20120 Comments

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Emerging markets are more than just a marketplace to sell your products and services.  They are also a great market for theexploitation of a character brand within social and online games.

This strategy  does not require a 7-digit budget,  nor is it necessary to launch globally or regionally.   For an investment of about $100,000,  you can generate half a million dollars or more including a ramp-up of your locally known or unknown character to broad popularity on Facebook or any other leading social network or international free-2-play browser games websites.  And all this within months rather than years!

Here’s and example of how it might work.  One emerging market to consider targeting is the middle east region (UAE, Egypt, etc) where the  free to play business is starting to grow.  The Arabs Advisors Group has reported that around one in every five internet users plays online games. Approximately US$40 million in turnover has been generated in the last year according to OneCard, one of the key players in online game solutions. Your creative people liaise operationally with the great talent that is working locally in the region, allowing  the transformation of your content to the cultural specifications needed for that region.

Due to relatively low development budgets in comparison to what game developers in the US are billing, the beauty lies in the power of the creative talent that is extremely hard working to come up with a success which could achieve international recognition.

Source: TotalLicensing.com

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