Welcome to the Guerrilla Licensing E-Course

Getting the first licensee if often the most challenging. Sometimes it begins when you’re approached by a potential partner. Most often, it requires promoting your licensing opportunity.

Here’s what you’ll discover during the Guerrilla Licensing e-course:

1. How to use the “Sweetheart Deal” to get your first IP licensing partner.
2. How to create your licensing “Buzz” using free PR.
3. How a big licensing partner could magnify your IP attraction factor.
4. How to build your licensing platform using social media.
5. Two ways to create a demo video that excites licensing partners.
6. How to let your customers sell your licensing opportunity.
7. How to make a big impression for a small budget at trade shows.

The number one goal of intellectual property is to make money with it. Your starting points is getting the word out about your licensing opportunity. Learn how to use these seven promotion strategies to attract licensing partners and create money-making licensing deals.

You’ll be receiving the first lesson shortly. In the meantime, here are some more resources on promoting your licensing opportunity.

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