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IP Mindset

The world economy has shifted from tangible “plant & equipment” assets, to an intangible economy of knowledge, know-how and intellectual property.

Intellectual Property – IP – is the driver of innovation, and the engine that is creating the new economy. Today the greatest wealth is created from intellectual property.  Intellectual Property is a unique and valuable economic asset that enables anyone to generate wealth through the creation, control and commercialization of its rights.

Along with human creativity and inventiveness, intellectual property is all around us. Virtually every business and industry around the world either uses or produces IP. Every product or service that we use in our daily lives is the result of a long chain of big or small innovations, such as changes in designs, or improvements that make a product look or function the way it does today.

This 8 part video series will shift how you think about IP – Intellectual Property – in profound ways. It will open your eyes on why the most successful businesses are built on a licensing business model.

Here’s what you’ll discover during the Licensing Mindset Video Series:

  • You will hear how Mrs. Fields, Bill Gates, Dale Carnegie, Google, and others transformed intellect property into business fortunes.
  • You’ll hear new ways to leverage intellectual property and transform it into valuable tangible assets.
  • You’ll discover how IP owners collaborating and commercializing their IP helps everyone else to do the same.
  • You’ll learn how one IP builds upon another to create new industries and opportunities.
  • You’ll find out why selling generates an income and licensing creates a fortune.
  • And you’ll start to see how some of your most valuable business assets are hidden in plain sight.

Licensing is one of the easiest and fastest ways of making money with your intellectual property assets. A little creative exploration will unearth useful solutions and potential applications for your IP,  even outside of the primary products or services created from your IP. For example, you may have a patented design feature used to streamline an aircraft that may work to enhance fuel-efficient design in automobiles. Or, your copyrighted rock-and-roll song may contain lyrics and rhythms that work well for the television ad for a motorcycle company.

By applying a creative mindset to “seeing” the real value of your IP and its revenue opportunities, you can find yourself with a treasure trove of unrealized wealth.

You’ll be receiving your first e-course lesson shortly. In the meantime, here are some more resources on finding new opportunities for your IP.  Enjoy!


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