Are You Missing the Most Valuable Parts of Your IP?

Your intellectual property is more than just a product or service. It’s a bundle of IP rights that creates your IP value. These rights are different parts of your IP that can be separated from your product or service, and licensed into other applications or uses.

Free Video and E-Course

3 Secrets to Unlocking Your IP Value

How to Divide your IP Rights and Multiply Your Money Making Opportunities

This e-course starts with this quick video about the 3 secrets to unlocking your IP value:

  1. Multiply by Dividing: Slice and Dice your IP Rights
  2. Un-bundle Your IP Rights: The Sum of the Parts Creates Value
  3. Build a Bigger Pie: Licensing Increases Your Money Pie

E-Course: 7 Ways to Build IP Value

This 7 part e-course will show you how break out of the tangible thinking box, find the valuable parts of your IP,  and see new ways to make money with your IP.  Licensing transforms your IP rights into valuable products, services and technologies. Your IP increases in value the more its rights are used by licensing partners.