Creating the IP Licensing Opportunity “Buzz”

April 1, 20140 Comments

IP Buzz

Guerrilla Licensing Part 2

Ready to get the word out about your IP and licensing opportunity?  In part 2, you’ll learn how to use free PR to get the word out about your IP opportunity. You’ll find out how easy it is to use PR and create the IP opportunity buzz. Plus you’ll also learn about a couple of PR services you can use right now to get your IP news out today. And I’ll share with you a real life example of how a PR program transformed a mediocre IP into a licensing bonanza.

Remember, it’s not always the best IP the gets the licensing deals, but the best promoted IP.

About the Guerrilla Licensing E-course

During this 7 part e-course series, you’ll learn about seven no-cost and low-cost strategies that you can use to promote your IP and create moneymaking licensing deals.  Here’s what you’ll discover during the Guerrilla Licensing e-course:

1. How to use the “Sweetheart Deal” to get your first IP licensing partner.
2. How to create Your IP Opportunity “Buzz” using free PR.
3. How a big licensing partner could magnify your IP attraction factor.
4. How to build your licensing platform using social media.
5. Two ways to create an IP demo video that excites potential IP Partners.
6. How to let your customers sell your IP licensing opportunity.
7. How to make a big impression for a small budget at Trade shows.

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