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The goal of IP marketing is to create licensing transactions. This is accomplished by reaching the right licensing marketplace and creating a buzz – requests for information, email, phone dialogue and licensing offers. The strategy is to communicate often and reach the intellectual property (IP) buyers in the right forum.

The internet is a great tool for reaching the right IP buyers. There are B to B websites that target specific markets and industries (such as publishing, consumer products and software).   The key is understanding the interests of these specific markets, and showing them how the IP has the potential to increase their bottom line. Using the tactics of conversation threads, IP marketers can use content that creates a dialogue with their potential licensing partners.

One of the biggest challenges in the IP world, especially with the enormous amount of IP available, is matching IP buyers with IP sellers. To that end, there are a number of internet based IP buyer and seller platforms to address that specific challenge. These include,, New Idea Trade,, and others. The goal of these platforms is to give access to buyers and sellers, by making it easier for the IP shopper. While these platforms are growing, they include only a small percentage of the IP marketplace.

Success in marketing your IP requires you to think about all the different tools to connect with IP shoppers. These include interactive communications with IP buyers, showcasing your IP on search engine visible websites, using streaming media sites to provide content on the value of your IP, looking at the opportunities available in the international marketplace, and providing the relevant information so IP buyers can make educated decisions about your licensing opportunity.

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