Company Training

Our mission is to make a positive impact in creating new wealth opportunities for IP owners, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs by offering a wide array of licensing educational and training classes on the best practices of  intellectual property licensing. We offer timely, crucial information and training that helps you execute your licensing campaign process with seamless success, utilizing industry best practices that have stood the test of time.

If your goal is to use licensing to leverage the money-making opportunities of your IP, or to acquire IP rights to expand or increase your revenues, Licensing4Profits offers a training program that is right for you.

Licensing Management Training Program

licensingtrainingLicensing4Profits offers training to companies and entrepreneurs that want to add licensing to their revenue opportunities.  We teach your team how to manage the licensing process, transferring the know-how and expertise in-house. Our Licensing Management Training Program is custom tailored to your company needs.  You can choose a singular area of licensing or a complete licensing management training program focused on what will be critical to the success of  your licensing initiatives.  Click here for more information.



Audio Training Programs


These audio training workshops are a result of more than twenty-five years experience and millions of dollars in licensing deals discovering and perfecting these methods and techniques. Whether you are a professional inventor, operating business or an entrepreneur looking for the next big opportunity, these audio workshops will give you the tools, processes and know-how to turn intellectual properties into multi-million dollar licensing deals.  Click here for more information.

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