Video–Your IP Value is the Sum of its Parts

March 3, 20150 Comments

Your IP is more than just a product or service. It’s a bundle of IP rights that creates your IP value. IP extends into many formats including customer information, software source code, business models, databases, operations manuals, professional expertise and much more. These rights are different parts of your IP that can be separated from […]

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Video – Licensing is a Different Way of Thinking

February 3, 20150 Comments

Licensing is a different way of thinking. It means stepping out of the “tangible thinking” box and seeing your IP in new ways and applications. Your ability to license your IP is limited only by your imagination and what you can do with it.

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IP – An Intangible Asset with Tangible Rights

October 9, 20140 Comments

Intellectual property is an intangible asset. The key to making money with IP is what you do with it. Through the licensing process, IP is transformed into tangible products, services and technologies. It can create many revenue streams and be used simultaneously by many licensees. IP can be leveraged over and over, and used in […]

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Video – Licensing Builds a Bigger Pie

September 24, 20140 Comments

Licensing builds a bigger money pie by tapping into partners who already have the production, distribution and marketing resources in place. They are established in the market and can add your IP to their revenue pie.

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The Key to Building Wealth with IP (Video)

November 7, 20130 Comments

Intellectual property is an economically empowering asset that enables anyone to generate wealth through the creation and control of its commercialization rights.  The key to building wealth with intellectual property is understanding how to identify, customize and leverage the money making attributes of your IP.

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