How to Build a Bigger Market for Your IP Without Spending a Dime

September 13, 20170 Comments

Licensing builds a bigger money pie by tapping into partners who already have the production, distribution and marketing resources in place. They are established in the market and can add your IP to their revenue pie.

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Introduction to the Licensing Process (Video)

December 2, 20160 Comments

Licensing is a money-making process. It transforms your intellectual property into income producing products and services. Here’s a quick introduction to licensing that covers some key steps including finding the right fit, creating marketability, presenting your IP and negotiating the deal.

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Video Licensing Lesson – Licensing Spells Opportunity

July 1, 20150 Comments

There are plenty of opportunities in today’s market and they are constantly evolving – whether it’s in niche markets, new ways of distribution, or a shifting retail environment. Licensing provides the expertise and knowledge to position the intellectual property, and take advantage of these markets and money-making opportunities.

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Video Licensing Lesson – The Wealth Creation Shift

June 2, 20150 Comments

Today, the next big shift in wealth accumulation is underway. Wealth creation is shifting from the tangible economy (i.e plants and equipment) to the intangible economy of intellectual property. Like the shift that occurred in the Industrial Revolution, wealth will be accumulated by those with the new skills of making money with IP.

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Video Licensing Lesson: 6 Ways to Build IP Value

May 14, 20150 Comments

Licensees don’t license IP…they license money. During this video, you’ll hear about 6 ways to build value for your IP. This means proving the marketability of your IP…that it works and customers will buy it or use it.  The more your test you IP to confirm the market demand, the more attractive it will be […]

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