Trade Secrets

A Beer By Any Other Name is Still IP

November 4, 20150 Comments

Take this beer for example. It’s actually a trade secret. It was created by a brew-master who developed a formula to make the beer in a unique way. It has a certain taste, aroma, and look.
And that’s what makes it unique from other specialty beers.

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Your Restaurant IP is More Than Just a Menu

October 15, 20150 Comments

Managing your IP assets are just as important as running your restaurant. You may have invented things, and not even realize it, such as a new lighting system or a unique operating procedure. To manage these IP assets successfully, you must know what you have.

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Your Secrets are Worth Millions

February 5, 20150 Comments

Trade secrets are one of your most valuable business assets and essential to your growth and competitiveness.It’s valuable because it’s something your competition doesn’t have. Trade secrets include inventions, know-how, and show-how information.

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Keeping Your Trade Secrets Secret

January 15, 20150 Comments

IP theft is not just for high tech and big corporations. It can happen anywhere – even at your local hair salon.

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Is Intellectual Property in Your Business Plan?

July 29, 20140 Comments

In today’s IP centric economy, your business plan must include a strategic focus on protecting, managing and leveraging your intellectual property to build your business value and sustain your competitive advantage.

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