Is Your Artwork a Brand?

September 24, 20150 Comments

If you’re creating and selling some form of art products – photos, drawings, artwork and crafts – one of your most important IP assets is your artist brand. A well developed artist brand builds recognition, promotes sales, builds market recognition, cements customer loyalty, and generates licensing revenues. Some of the best known artist brands generate millions of dollars in licensing royalty payments and are household names.

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What’s Inside Your Brand?

August 11, 20150 Comments

Ingredients are often thought of as the different pieces that make up a formula. Many of them are patented, most are kept as trade secrets. What you may not realize is that many ingredient IPs are created for the purpose of licensing them out and integrating them into other formulas and products.

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Licensing Sports Brands to Expand Your Business

March 24, 20150 Comments

Licensing a sports brand provides access into a lucrative fan market, where the sport and team popularity can translate into significant product sales. Some of the biggest brands include the NFL, Major League Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, NASCAR and Colleges and Universities.  Sports brands typically look for experienced companies with a track record with their product, […]

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Is Your # Branded?

December 23, 20140 Comments

The hashtag(#)is a new branding phenomenon and trademark applications for branded hashtags are increasing. No longer used solely by Twitter users,the hashtag is an integral part of the American social, commercial, and political landscape. Hashtags appear on products, in television broadcasts, and at political events.

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What Does Your Trademark Sound Like?

June 3, 20140 Comments

Most of us are aware that you can trademark a slogan, a logo, and a name, but did you know that it is also possible to trademark a sound? While it is still more difficult to protect a sound as a trademark, sounds have been increasingly used as trademarks in the marketplace.

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