4 Ways to Increase Your Money Making Opportunities with Licensing

January 4, 20170 Comments

Licensing not only controls the cash flow generated from your intellectual property, it also creates a multiplier effect that increases the income generating opportunities for your intellectual property. For example, when a TV show or a movie is developed, its primary product is the entertainment content. However, in addition to the entertainment content, other cash […]

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4 Little Known Facts About Royalty Rates

November 16, 20160 Comments

Royalty rates are one of the most mystifying areas of licensing. It’s one of the first questions I’m asked by clients, “how much can we get for the IP”?  There are various formulas for calculating them, such as the Rule of 25%, or the average rate for a particular industry. In the end, it most […]

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Intellectual Property is an Unlimited Money Making Opportunity

July 18, 20130 Comments

 Today the biggest asset on the books of many major public companies around the world is intellectual property. Why? Because innovation is the driver of intellectual property and the life blood of every company around the world. And in today’s challenging economic market, the demand for innovative new products, services and technologies is growing rapidly. […]

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