Are You Throwing Everything Including the Kitchen Sink Into Your Licensing Deal?

May 3, 20170 Comments

When licensing your intellectual property, you’re giving someone rights to use your IP in return for royalty payments. If it’s a patent, it can be make, sell, and distribute. If it’s a trademark, it’s rights to use it on their products or services. Your IP is a bundle of rights and unless you know what […]

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Are You Turning a Deaf Ear to Your Potential Licensing Partner?

April 19, 20170 Comments

One of the most important things you can do in licensing is listen to what a potential partner has to say about your intellectual property. Regardless of what type of IP you have – technology, character, software, formula or process – potential licensing partners will see it from a different perspective of how it can […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Licensing Information Overload

December 7, 20160 Comments

Don’t let this happen to you. You’ve pitched your licensing opportunity to a company and they respond requesting more information. Your first impulse is to send them lots of information such as a Power Point presentation, all the research, and even some videos. After sending the information, you don’t hear from them for a week […]

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Is Your Licensing Partner the Wrong Fit?

November 9, 20160 Comments

Don’t jump at the first licensing partner that comes along. Otherwise you may wind up with one who can’t deliver on their side of the licensing agreement. Finding out after you sign the agreement that your partner doesn’t have the money, manufacturing or distribution capabilities is too late. Now you’re stuck trying to find a […]

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How to Avoid Desperation Licensing

August 8, 20160 Comments

Don’t’ let this happen to your start-up. You spend all your money on hiring the right people developing your IP, travel to meetings, investor presentations, legal fees, prototypes and marketing and other expenses that just pop-up. One day, you’re accountant tells you your current cash burn rate is only enough for six more months. You […]

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