Licensing Agreements

How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a Big Company Who Sits on Your IP

May 17, 20170 Comments

What happens if a larger company licenses your intellectual property and then sits on in it? Is it a deliberate strategy to keep it off the market, or they just slow-moving and haven’t decided what to do with the IP? Sometimes it’s a combination of both, and in other situations it’s a deliberate strategy. While […]

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Is Your Licensing Agreement Riddled with Holes?

March 15, 20170 Comments

Taking short cuts to get a deal completed is tempting, but the easy way often leaves agreements riddled with holes that later result in disagreements, wasted time and effort, and ultimately a damaged relationship with your licensing partner. Your licensing agreement is a contract between you and your partner on what you agree to do […]

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Are Your Licensing Partners Running Wild?

May 9, 20160 Comments

Maintaining control of your licensees is challenging, especially if you have a few of them.  If you don’t keep up control, you can wind up losing control of your IP. Don’t let this happen to you.  You’ve signed a licensing deal, given your partner all your IP assets and it’s been months since you heard […]

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Are You Taking a Shortcut to a Bad Licensing Deal?

March 16, 20160 Comments

Taking short cuts to get a deal done quickly is tempting. While taking the easy way may seem like a good idea, you can wind up with a bad licensing partner and an agreement riddled with pot holes that can lead to disagreements, wasted time, effort and money, and ultimately a damaged relationship with your […]

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Ten Tips for Negotiating a Licensing Agreement

August 6, 20130 Comments

Negotiating the licensing deal is where the rubber meets the road.  Do it right, and it creates a profitable partnership.  Last month, I started a new series of webinars titled Inside the Conference Room.  One of these upcoming webinars is Negotiating the Legal Terms of the Licensing Agreement.  Andrew Berger, an intellectual property attorney with […]

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