IP Management

Are You Getting the Right Kind of Licensing Advice?

June 29, 20170 Comments

Are you grossly under-using or undervaluing the worth of your intellectual property in the market place? If so, it’s not surprising. Many IP owners I meet don’t understand how to make money with it. They either follow the outdated thinking of “I must start a business to make money with it”, or are simply following […]

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Are Traditional Funding Sources Saying No to Your Business?

October 13, 20160 Comments

Raising capital is often the difference between success and failure. But finding a traditional funding source is often challenging, especially if you’re a start-up. In many cases, this type of financing is often unavailable or too expensive. If your business owns intellectual property, it’s an asset you can use to secure a business loan. Using […]

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If You Don’t Do Anything with Your IP, Nothing Will Happen

July 6, 20160 Comments

Licensing is an active process. If you don’t do anything with your intellectual property – meaning make, market or sell it, then nothing will happen. Taking action through the licensing  is what starts the process of making money with your IP. The first step of the action process is developing a licensing strategy. Just like […]

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Is Your IP Over-protected and Under-performing?

May 16, 20160 Comments

Success with your IP is dependent upon your ability to manage and protect it. The trick is in knowing what and when to protect it. If you don’t protect it on time, the potential consequences of not protecting IP are many: Loss of income because your competitors, partners, and customers are using your IP without […]

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Are You Stuck Trying to Figure Out How to Make Money with Your IP?

March 23, 20160 Comments

The biggest challenge for many IP owners is how to make money with it. The question is what to do and how to do it. If you’re grappling with this issue, you’re not alone. It’s why 95% of IP never makes money. Unless you do something with your IP, nothing will happen. You’ve got several […]

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