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Is Your Intellectual Property Losing Value?

May 10, 20170 Comments

If you don’t use it, you lose it.  When it comes to intellectual property, its value is lost if it’s not commercialized. IP loses value in several ways. Patents lose value as the get closer to the end of their protection. Trademarks lose value if someone uses it without your permission. And all IP loses […]

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Are You Overlooking the Number 1 Rule of Licensing?

December 14, 20160 Comments

The Number 1 rule of licensing – licensees don’t license IP…they license MONEY. A licensing partner must feel your IP will generate a high enough return to make it worth the risk they take to license it and bring it into the market. One of the first questions I’m asked when presenting a new IP […]

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How to Develop Your IP into a New Product For Little or No Money

October 6, 20160 Comments

Developing your intellectual property into a new product takes time and money. Especially if you have to do it alone. Thanks to the Internet there is a better way. Crowd sourcing speeds up the process, not only in ideas for a new product but also getting early customer feedback. Rather than guessing what your customer […]

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Licensing Builds Teams

June 8, 20160 Comments

  There are plenty of intellectual property licensing opportunities in today’s market and they are constantly evolving – whether it’s in niche markets, new ways of distribution, or a shifting retail environment. Licensing provides the expertise and knowledge to position the intellectual property, and take advantage of these markets and money-making opportunities. Licensing creates teams […]

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Are You Seeing Your Invention with Cloudy Vision?

April 4, 20160 Comments

It’s not easy to remain objective about the brilliant invention you created. But to successfully license it, you must look at your invention through the eyes of your licensing partner. We all have biases for what we create (yes, your baby is the most beautiful!). But only by recognizing our biases can you successfully succeed […]

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