Are You Pushing Away Potential Licensing Partners?

March 29, 20170 Comments

One of the biggest mistakes you can make licensing your IP is to continuously try to push it on a licensing partner. This ultimately results in pushing away your partner, especially if your IP doesn’t fit their business or their customers needs. The best way to market your IP is by promoting its value and […]

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Are Your Licensing Deal Terms Slowly Getting Eaten Away?

March 22, 20170 Comments

Negotiating a licensing deal is sometimes the trickiest part. It’s a back and forth process of figuring out the best business terms for you and your licensing partner.  Most of the time, negotiations go smoothly.  But sometimes, it feels like your deal is getting eaten away. Just when you think you’ve finished negotiating the terms, […]

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Is Your Licensing Agreement Riddled with Holes?

March 15, 20170 Comments

Taking short cuts to get a deal completed is tempting, but the easy way often leaves agreements riddled with holes that later result in disagreements, wasted time and effort, and ultimately a damaged relationship with your licensing partner. Your licensing agreement is a contract between you and your partner on what you agree to do […]

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Is Your Business Stuck in the “Make and Sell” Mentality?

March 8, 20170 Comments

You are in the knowledge management business.  No matter whether you make and sell products, services or technology, your core business is managing the intellectual assets used in creating, marketing and selling  your products, services or technologies. In the 21st century, the most successful companies are those effectively managing their knowledge in the form of […]

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Are You Getting Short-Changed on Your Royalty Reports?

March 1, 20170 Comments

How do you know your licensees are paying the correct amount of royalties? Generally, royalties are paid quarterly with statements from your licensing partner showing the previous quarter sales and amount of royalties owed. But a royalty report doesn’t always mean you’re getting paid the right amount. There are still a some ways your royalty […]

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