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Are you ready to begin licensing your IP? If so, you should have a concise IP Profile that provides all the key details about your intellectual property and the licensing opportunity.  The key word is concise.  Think of it like a resume.   The IP profile is an introduction to potential licensees, and they do not have or will take the time to read the entire history of your IP.

Licensng BrocheureHere’s a quick format for preparing a Licensing Profile:
(Ex: This IP Profile is intended to inform that the patent for PRODUCT X is available for licensing.)

  • Background – Explain the basic benefits of the product.
  • Milestones – What milestones have already been reached by the product, including patent status, working prototypes, current sales activity and where the product is being sold or distributed.
  • History – A BRIEF history of the product, providing a short explanation of the companies or people involved.
  • Product  –  Details including additional functions and any market research that supports the licensing opportunity.  
  • Customers – Who are the customers and why they buy the product.
  • Licensing – General information about licensing the IP rights such as exclusivity, territories, etc.


Make sure the IP Profile looks professional and has the correct contact information including your name, telephone, email address and website. Be sure to add a page to your website titled Licensing or Available for Licensing.



Licensing is a powerful tool for creating wealth from your intellectual property. Whether you are an inventor who wants to license out the rights, or an entrepreneur seeking to acquire the rights to an intellectual property, this introduction to the licensing process will show you inside tips, options and strategies to plan, promote, find, present, negotiate and successfully license an intellectual property. If you are just starting out or still developing your IP, then this is the product for you. 

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, How Will You Get There?

Trying to license your IP without a plan of action is like steering a boat without any navigational charts. You start in one direction, don’t get anywhere, then suddenly change course, but never get to where you want to go. You’ll wind up wasting lots of time money and resources doing the wrong things.  Creating a licensing plan doesn’t have to take weeks and months of work. All you need is the right tool to help you quickly organize and get your plan into action. That’s why the Quick Start Licensing Plan is one of the core tools of the Licensing Toolkit. Click here to get The Licensing Toolkit now.

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