IP is Only Limited by Your Imagination

The story of how a teacher transformed his IP into a hundred million dollar business with licensing.  

May 15, 20140 Comments

The Key to Building Wealth with IP (Video)

Intellectual property is an economically empowering asset that enables anyone to generate wealth through the creation and control of its commercialization rights.  The key to building wealth with intellectual property is understanding how to identify, customize and leverage the money […]

November 7, 20130 Comments

Licensing OPR–Other Peoples Resources (Video)

Licensing is one of the fastest ways to generate revenue because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Licensing your IP lets’ you tap into existing company resources, such as marketing, manufacturing and distribution.  It’s a low-risk strategy that gets […]

October 29, 20130 Comments

Intellectual Property

IP- The Next Big Property Boom in Las Vegas

Looking for the next big intellectual property licensing opportunity? It just might be in the town of fast money, where there is a new opportunity that’s ready to explode. Intellectual Property. Online gaming is creating a new market. Nevada was […]

July 22, 20140 Comments

Patent Your IP or Keep it a Trade Secret

You invented something novel? Great! Without intellectual property legal protections, your invention has little economic value. The good news is there are many sources of protection available, including patent law, trademarks and trade dress law, copyright law, trade secrets law, misappropriation law, confidentiality law and non-disclosure agreements.

July 15, 20140 Comments

Is Your Business Missing the Biggest Money Making Opportunity of the 21st Century?

It’s called intellectual property and it is the DRIVER of economies and wealth creation around the world. Over the last decade, study after study is confirming the wealth creating power of IP rights. It is the driver of economic growth, incomes, jobs, investment, and trade.

June 24, 20140 Comments


The Transforming World of Licensing – Intellectual Property Magazine

Today the economy is going through a transformation. The term ‘knowledge economy’ is the recognition that knowledge is the driver of innovation and the creation of IP. IP is an enormous value driver for today’s companies, and it’s a value that is just now being recognized.

July 8, 20140 Comments

How to Work with Licensing Agents

If you’re an intellectual property owner who is not familiar with the licensing process or you don’t want to manage your own licensing program, then you should use a licensing agent. Although an agent adds to the cost of a licensing program, they bring experience, know-how and resources.

July 2, 20140 Comments

Sell, Make or License: Which Option is Right for your IP?

Commercializing IP is the process of transforming it from an intangible asset into a tangible product or service. You have 3 options for commercializing your IP: Sell, Make or License.

June 17, 20140 Comments

Licensing Agreements

Key Terms and Conditions – Best Efforts

Best Efforts is a clause to help insure that a licensee will do all it can to successfully commercialize the IP. If this issue is not covered, then a licensee can sit on the IP and keep others from exploiting it and bringing money to the licensor.

May 18, 20140 Comments

Key Terms & Conditions – IP Improvements

Improvements or modifications to an IP should be defined in every licensing agreement. This is not likely to be a major issue if the IP is already being successfully commercialized (i.e. it’s making money).

April 17, 20140 Comments

Key Terms & Conditions – Royalties (Consideration)

Royalties are regular payments (also known as Consideration) to the licensor (IP owner) which are paid by the licensee for the use of the IP. Royalties have two key components: the royalty base and the royalty rate. These two components […]

February 25, 20140 Comments

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